Yes, it’s better than smoking, but that doesn’t make your e-cigarette healthy

Smoking in public places is back – but not as we know it. An estimated 1.3 million people across Britain have now switched to electronic cigarettes, joined by, among others, the supermodel Kate Moss.

The electronic look-alike, which are shaped and weighted to feel like the real thing, contain a battery and a heating device – this vaporizes a nicotine solution contained in a disposable cartridge, giving the ‘smoker’ a nicotine hit without the harmful tar and carbon monoxide produced when tobacco is burned.

Using an e-cigarette is now known as ‘vaping’, referring to the vapour produced.

Because they contain no tobacco, e-cigarettes are not covered by laws banning smoking in a public space, so in theory you can smoke them anywhere – in a car, the pub, and even when you are waiting to pick up your children from the school playground. There is also no age restriction.

Sales of the e-cigarette – invented in 2003 by a Chinese chemist – have rocketed since its introduction to UK shops in 2007. The UK is one of the fast-growing markets for the device – but restaurateurs, train companies and doctors are now calling for their restriction.

Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Health and medical organizations, from all across the globe, have found strong and sound evidences, that cigarette smoking can cause a number of severe health problems. Latest studies have revealed that people, who smoke cigarettes, possess very high chances of suffering from lung cancer, in comparison to those who are nonsmokers. Other critical health problems, which can be triggered by cigarette smoking, are lung, throat and oral cancer, as well as various other types of illnesses, like emphysema, smoker’s cough, loss of endurance and stamina, premature wrinkles, decline in libido and bloodshot eyes.

Researches have confirmed the fact, that in reality, a single cigarette stick contains nearly 4,000 different types of chemicals and among them 60 types of chemicals have been identified to cause cancer. The majority of individuals believe that lung cancer is the only major disease, which is caused due to cigarette smoking. However, they are not aware of the fact that apart from lung cancer, smoking is also responsible for causing other fatal ailments leads like bladder, pancreatic, cervix esophageal and kidney cancer.

Nicotine, a chemical widely found in cigarettes, is extremely addictive as well as poisonous. Pets and toddlers can even die, if by accident they swallow cigarettes or cigarettes butts. Moreover, the smoke emitted by cigarettes, consist of deadly, carcinogenic compounds, like radon and radium, which are found to be responsible for causing lung cancer. Cigarette smoking also significantly raises the blood pressure level and the heartbeat, which happens mainly due to the presence of nicotine, which stimulates the central nervous system. Smoking also reduces the oxygen amount that travels to the brain. It also leads to blood coagulation, which in turn enhances the possibility of blood clots. Excessive clotting of blood leads to different cardiovascular diseases, like strokes and heart attacks.

Tar produced by the smoke gets deposited inside the lungs, which in turn causes harm to the air sacs, resulting in various lung problems, in due course. Emphysema is a major lung disorder caused because of cigarette smoking. This type of ailment weakens the lung tissues and cause damages to the capillaries, which sustain as well as nourish the alveoli. Due to emphysema, the lungs airways collapse during expiration.

Smoking is also considered to be extremely harmful for women. It only triggers various health problems among women but also cause harm to their physical appearances, by producing premature wrinkles. It is exceptionally dangerous for pregnant women, since passive smoking can induce miscarriages. If a woman smokes during her pregnancy, there is a higher risk for her child getting exposed to the adverse effects of smoking.

What Are Some of the Alternatives to Help You Quit Smoking

People who are trying to go through the process of quit smoking try different methods to quit. Methods vary according to different type of people. Some may just quit on the mere willpower alone. Some would turn to God. I know a friend’s father who just decide to stop smoking and as though with a snap of a finger, stopped for good.

However, there are some people who needs various support such as programs or a social group for encouragement. Other would try nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine gum, patches or nasal spray. As the medical field advances and cultures and more and more known, there are other types of alternatives to quit smoking.

Acupuncture is one of the alternative method which is originated from China. It is recently accepted in modern western medicine as a proved treatment. The acupuncture treatment practices by inserting thin needles into certain points of your body.

It is believe this type of treatment can restore physical health and also mental health. Many patients who have undergone the acupuncture treatment approves of it’s positive result, thus being an effective resource and tool to help smokers to throw away the habit forever.

Cigarette addiction is also a very large part of mental and psychological addiction.

Therefore, another alternative method that smokers try to quit is to go for hypnosis therapy. It is important for one to know what hypnosis does rather than to treat it like a magic and automatic tool. Hypnosis works by applying the principle of auto-suggestion to a person’s mind.

Messages such as recordings are played to convince a person that either he or she would not feel the cravings anymore and would not depend on cigarettes.

Despite these methods and there levels of success, however, it is important to note that the key ingredient when it comes to smoking cessation is will power. No matter which other method you choose to assist you in ending the cravings and lessening the physical symptoms of withdrawal, sooner or later it is going to come down to your ability to say no to a cigarette that will ensure the end of the habit’s hold on your life.

Although these alternatives are available, it is crucial to keep in mind that you can only quit if you really want to quit. Your mental readiness and willpower must be above or else. If you are not sure whether you want to quit or not, I suggest you not to quit because you will definitely fail. You if you really want to quit smoking. Go for it all the way!

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